Sections on Mineral Insulated Cable MOIC-M

Sections on Mineral Insulated Cable MOIC-M


  • High mechanical strength
  • High chemical resistance
  • Easy installation
Product Datasheet


The heating cable MOIC-M is intended for heating pipelines, tanks and process equipment in the temperature range from −60 to +600 °C, including those operated in aggressive and explosive areas.

The heating cable MOIC-M can be used in the oil refining, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

If the thermal output of the electrical heating system is correctly calculated, the cable can be used in a broad temperature range.

Shipped as ready-made sections. A section consists of a heating cable, couplings, cold cable inserts, cable glands and flexible installation wires.

Sections on the heating cable MOIC-M are purposefully designed for efficient and reliable operation where a high operating temperature has to be maintained, combined with high thermal output (for example, in the heating of bitumen plants and pipelines).

Due to the high thermal stability of the magnesium oxide insulation, the MOIC-M cable can be safely operated at jacket temperatures up to 600 °C.

MOIC-M cable has excellent mechanical strength and high corrosion resistance, can be operated in aggressive environments and hazardous areas, is fire-resistant and safe to operate.

  • High mechanical strength
  • High chemical resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Shipped as prefabricated sections
  • Power supply voltage up to 660 V
  • Temperature resistance up to +600 °C
  • Explosion- and fire-safe
Technical Data
Operating voltage Up to 660 V
Maximum linear power Up to 400 W/m
Insulation resistance, min 103 MOhm • m
Maximum thermal resistance up to 600 °С
Ambient temperature range −60 ... +50 °C
Ex marking 1Ех е IIС Т1...Т3 Gb X
Degree of external protection GOST 14254-96 IP67
Earth leakage current 3 mA/100 m
Minimum installation temperature −60 °C
Minimum bending radius 6 outer diameters

  1. Heating conductor
  2. MgO (magnesium oxide) core insulation
  3. Outer metal jacket of the heating cable
  4. Hard brazing
  5. Current-carrying conductor
  6. Coupling
  7. Outer metal jacket of the cold cable insert
  8. Cable connector M20
  9. Grounding
  10. Flexible installation wire