Connection Technology CLASSIC-CON

Connection Technology CLASSIC-CON


  • 3 pole connector
  • Application 250 V, 20 A
  • For cable diameters 10–14 mm
Product Datasheet

Application Areas

Plugable connection technology for self-regulating heating cables VTR


Connection Technology CLASSIC-CONConnection Technology CLASSIC-CON

CLASSIC-Con is the ideal plug in connection to connect self-regulating heating cables VTR. The 3-pole connectors CLASSIC-Con are available for switching applications up to 250 V. All connectors are mechanically coded.

The mechanical codings have the advantage that only associated pairs of male and female connectors can be connected, thus with the correct polarity ensured. This gives you the security of a clear distinction.

  • 3 pole connector
  • Application 250 V, 20 A
  • For cable diameters 10–14 mm
  • Spring clamp connection
  • Correct polarity ensured
  • Wide range of connectors
  • Color of housing light grey
Technical Data
Rated voltage  230 VAC
Rated current 20 A
Rated impulse voltage 4 kV
Max continous temp. 100 °C
Degree of protection (IP) IP66/68
Contact material CuZn
Mechanical coding Code 0
Marking of poles L, N, PE
Pollution degree 3
Connection type Tension clamp
Surface finish Silver plated
Housing material Polyamide
Strain relief Yes
Halogen free Yes
Lockable Yes
Color Light grey
Length 80.4 mm
Length CLASSIC-CON JB m 48.1 mm
Width 34.6 mm
Width CLASSIC-CON JB m 35.0 mm
Height 34.6 mm
Height CLASSIC-CON JB m 35.0 mm