Heating of Extra-Long Pipelines: VeLL

VeLL heat tracing system is designed for temperature maintenance and freeze protection of long and extra-long pipelines in hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

  • Heating of extra-long pipelines up to 150 km without supply network
  • High operating temperature up to +200 °C
  • High mechanical reliability of the heating system
  • Electrical safety
  • Easy and convenient installation
  • Approved for explosive areas
Operating principle

VeLL heat tracing system is based on special series-resistance heating cables, offering a cost-saving solution for a wide variety of heat-tracing applications:

  • VLL-A cable implements an aluminum heating wire;
  • VLL-C cable implements a copper heating wire.

Cables are installed in a linear way on the pipe surface. In case of pre-insulated pipeline fragments, the cable is usually laid in conduits, which are on the pipe under thermal insulation.

At the end of a heating segment cables are connected together in star (Y). At start of the segment voltage is applied between cables. Its value depends on the pipeline length and necessary power output.

This is a specially designed conductor, resistant to high voltage up to 8 kV and thermal loads in operation up to +100 °C (VLL-A) or +200 °C (VLL-C), also resistant to mechanical impact during installation or maintenance. The cable supplied on drums with length, convenient for installation and connection on site.

Technical Data
Rated voltage Up to 8 000 VAC Up to 8 000 VAC
Maximum continuous operating temperature (trace heater energized) Up to +100 °C Up to +200 °C
Maximum intermittent temperature (trace heater de-energized) Up to +120 °C Up to +250 °C
Ambient temperature range −60…+55 °С −60…+55 °С
Minimum installation temperature −60 °С −60 °С
Conductive wire material Aluminium Copper
Linear power output per one segment, connected in star Up to 30 W/m (average value, depends on application) Up to 30 W/m (average value, depends on application)

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