Commercial De-icing Systems

Our roof & gutter and pipe freeze protection solutions based on self-regulating heating cables protect houses and outdoor areas from ice and snow buildup. SST GmbH de-icing systems are an energy-efficient solution to extend service life of roofs, gutters and pipes that reduce maintenance costs, protect infrastructure and prevent accidents happening due to ice and icicle formation.


  • Extended service life of roof, gutters and pipes
  • Reduced cost of repairs and maintenance
  • Protection against property damage
  • The system operates in an automatic mode

Operating principle

Self-regulating heating cable is used for freeze protection of roofs, gutters and pipes.

The power output of self-regulating heating cable adjusts automatically in response to the ambient temperature. Due to its self-regulating characteristics it will not overheat even when the cable is overlapped. This guarantees maximum safety and reliability.

The installation of self-heating cable is quick and simple and requires no special skills or tools. Because of its parallel construction the heating cable can be fitted on site to exact length without any complicated design calculations.